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High school baseball: Every player with 20 or more home runs in a single season - HIGHSCORE
High school baseball: Every player with 20 or more home runs in a single season
Jordon Adell of Ballard (Louisville, Ky.) hit 25 home runs in 2017 and earned the MaxPreps National Player of the Year honor. And while his total ranks 16th all-time in the history of high school baseball, it may have been the greatest home-run hitting season ever.

Akin to Babe Ruth's 54-home run season of 1920, Adell's home run total is a complete outlier from the seasons that occurred prior to and after his big season. In the four years prior to 2017, no high school player hit more than 20 home runs (two hit exactly 20). While two of the high school seasons since Adell graduated have been affected by COVID, no player in the nation has hit 20 or more home runs since.

Yet Adell is not close to being the national single season home run record holder. Perhaps the reason is that he was born at the wrong time and perhaps the wrong place.

MaxPreps has compiled a list of every high school hitter who has bashed at least 20 home runs in a season, starting with Tracy Holt of Asher (Okla.), who is believed to be the first 20-home run hitter in 1979. One trend that becomes immediately apparent is that 20-home run seasons have been a bit of a roller coaster over the past 40 years with highs around the year 2000 and the year 2010. And there's a good reason for that.

In 2001, the National Federation of High Schools passed a rule that ordered all bats used in high school play to mirror the new NCAA ball exit speed rule (BESR).
Graphic by Ryan Escobar
"We need to stay vigilant to ways in which technology is having an impact," said NFHS President Dick Durost in January 2000. "The new rule will make the physical dimensions of non-wood bats more closely mirror those of wood bats."

The new bat rule had an immediate affect on the total number of 20-home run hitters. After a total of 12 players hit 20 or more home runs in 1998, 13 in 1999 and 11 in 2000 (including national records of 30 by Wade Miller of Alabama in 2000 and Josh Gray in 1999), the totals plummeted to five in 2002, three in 2003 and two in 2004.

But then the home run totals started to rise again. This was due to the creation of composite bats. According to in 2013, composite bats worked the opposite of aluminum bats. While aluminum bats provided plenty of offensive pop while new, they deadened after extensive use. Composite bats were the opposite and actually became "hotter" after more use.

Thus by 2010, an all-time high of 15 players had hit 20 or more homers and in 2011 there were 13. The NFHS then instituted another rule for the 2012 season, specifying that all bats needed to match the Ball Batted Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard rather than the BESR standard.

Again 20-home run hitters nosedived to the point that only four accomplished the feat in 2012 and only four have done it in the nine years since, topped by Adell's 25 in 2017, which now becomes much more impressive in hindsight. Home run totals at the NCAA level also mirrors this high school phenomenon with peaks in 2000 and 2010.

For some unexplained reason, playing in Oklahoma is also conducive to hitting lots of home runs. Of the 152 players who have hit 20 or more home runs in a single season, 46 (30 percent) are from the Sooner State. Alabama is second on the list with 15. Baseball powerhouse states Florida, California and Texas have 14 combined.

One reason that Oklahoma has so many on the list is that teams play a high number of games (as many as 50) in a season. However, so does Alabama, which has a third of the number of players on the list as Oklahoma.

Another reason might be that many of those players come from the smallest schools in the state and those players compete in the fall and the spring. Playing as many as 70-80 games in a school year allows those players to hone their skills through practice and repetition.

Additionally, those small schools regularly play much larger schools during the spring season. Case in point, Roff, one of the top small school teams in the state, has an enrollment of 90 and the town has a population of 700. Yet, Roff defeated Deer Creek (Edmond), enrollment 1,600. This year Red Oak, enrollment 81, defeated Union (Tulsa), enrollment 3,500, and Broken Arrow, 3,800. Tougher competition may sharpen the hitting skills of those small school players and better prepare them for the competition at their own level.

Whatever the reason, Oklahoma has a strong presence on MaxPreps single season home runs list. In fact, an Oklahoma player has held the national record 31 of the past 42 seasons.

Holt set the record in 1979, but Dave Clark of Shannon (Miss.) broke the record the following year with 23. Anthony Whitson of Unicoi County (Tenn.) upped the record to 24 in 1987 and Ricky Vanderburg of Bokchito (Okla.) raised it to 26 in 1989. Shon Walker of Harrison County (Ky.) put the record at 29 in 1992 and Chris Aguilla of McQueen (Reno, Nev.) tied the mark in 1997. Gray hit the current national record of 30 in the fall of 1999 and Miller tied the mark in the spring of 2000.

Gray, by the way, holds the record for most home runs in a calendar school year, hitting 26 in the spring of 1999 and 30 in the fall of 1999 for a total of 56 in the two seasons combined.

Notable professional players on the list include Bo Jackson of McAdory (Ala.) with 20 in 1980, Joey Gallo of Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) with 25 in 2011, Mike Moustakas of Chatsworth (Calif.) with 24 in 2007 and Preston Wilson of Bamberg-Ehrhardt (S.C.) with 22 in 1992.

Sources for the list include the NFHS record book, state association record books, coaches association record books, Georgia Dugout Preview, Cal-Hi Sports Record Book by Mark and Nelson Tennis, MaxPreps leaderboards, and various newspapers accessed through

Corrections or additions? E-mail Kevin Askeland at [email protected]
Jordon Adell, Ballard
File photo by Alyson Boyer Rode
Jordon Adell, Ballard
Single-season home run leaders

30 — Wade Miller, Long (Skipperville, Ala.), 2000
30 — Josh Gray, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 1999
29 — Shon Walker, Harrison County (Cynthiana, Ky.), 1992
29 — Chris Aguilla, McQueen (Reno, Nev.), 1997
28 — James Peterson, Winterset (Iowa), 2000
28 — Jacob Realmuto, Carl Albert (Midwest City, Okla.), 2010
28 — Taylor Hawkins, Carl Albert (Midwest City, Okla.), 2012
27 — Brad Nelson, Bishop Garrigan (Algona, Iowa), 1999
27 — Trey Wingo, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 2005
27 — Ethan Bennett, Farragut (Knoxville, Tenn.), 2010

27 — Kevin Cron, Mountain Pointe (Phoenix), 2011
26 — Ricky Vanderburg, Bokchito (Okla.), 1989
26 — Brendan McCurry, Roff (Roff, Okla.), 2010
26 — Christian Stewart, Providence Christian Academy (Lilburn, Ga.), 2012
26 — Hommy Rosado, Barbe (Lake Charles, La.), 2010
25 — Clayton Sander, Camanche (Iowa), 1988
25 — Will Hunt, Asher (Okla.), 1989
25 — Joe Little, Butner (Cromwell, Okla.), 1996
25 — Jason Stokes, Coppell (Texas), 2000
25 — Josh Peaslee, Carney (Okla.), 2000

25 — Micah Owings, Gainesville (Ga.), 2002
25 — Rich Witten, Danville (Ky.), 2006
25 — Brodie Pullen, Calhoun (Ga.), 2007
25 — Jose Trevino, John Paul II (Corpus Christi, Texas), 2011
25 — Joey Gallo, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas), 2011
25 — Jordon Adell, Ballard (Louisville, Ky.), 2017
24 — Anthony Whitson, Unicoi County (Erwin, Tenn.) 1987
24 — Kyle Wingfield, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 1998
24 — Josh Gray, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 2000
24 — Dearth Parker, Roff (Okla.), 2005

24 — Colby Rasmus, Russell County (Seale, Ala.), 2005
24 — Mike Moustakas, Chatsworth (Calif.), 2007
24 — BJ Hermsen, West Delaware (Manchester, Iowa), 2008
24 — Zach Fish, Gull Lake (Richland, Mich.), 2011
24 — Clint Frazier, Loganville (Ga.), 2012
23 — Dave Clark, Shannon (Miss.), 1980
23 — Paul Morse, Danville (Ky.), 1992
23 — Joe Crede, Fatima (Westphalia, Mo.), 1996
23 — Drew Henson, Brighton (Mich.), 1997
23 — Jim Willison, Morley Stanwood (Morley, Mich.), 1998

23 — Kyle Wingfield, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 1998
23 — Scott Riley, Pittsfield (Ill.), 1999
23 — K.W. Sexton, East Carter (Grayson, Ky.), 1999
23 — Cody Ehlers, Stillwater (Okla.), 2000
23 — Brian Barnett, McQueen (Reno, Nev.), 2007
23 — Kevin O'Leary, Wesleyan (Norcross, Ga.), 2010
22 — Marvin Moore, Roff (Okla.), 1984
22 — Patrick Ollis, Unicoi County (Erwin, Tenn.), 1986
22 — Mike McQuain, Depew (Okla.), 1986
22 — Mike Miller, Centerville (Iowa), 1988

22 — Preston Wilson, Bamberg-Ehrhardt (Bamberg, S.C.), 1992
22 — Jesse Eyre, Climax-Scotts (Climax, Mich.), 1998
22 — Drew Henson, Brighton (Mich.), 1998
22 — Corey Patterson, Harrison (Kennesaw, Ga.), 1998
22 — Jeremy Reed, Lookout Valley (Chattanooga, Tenn.), 1998
22 — Matt Ames, Stanhope Elmore (Millbrook, Ala.), 1999
22 — Alex Cadena, Alexander (Laredo, Texas), 1999
22 — Kyle Moyer, Mohawk (Sycamore, Ohio), 1999
22 — Matt Cooper, Ripley (Okla.), 2000
22 — Kevin Bookout, Stroud (Okla.), 2001

22 — Brandon Lowe, Vidalia (Ga.), 2003
22 — Jarrett Warren, Henry County (McDonough, Ga.), 2003
22 — Mitchell Trimmer, Roff (Okla.), 2004
22 — Del Howell, Tuscaloosa County (Northport, Ala.), 2006
22 — Adam Coe, Russell County (Seale, Ala.), 2006
22 — Jordan Swagerty, Prestonwood Christian (Plano, Texas), 2007
22 — Henry Castaigne, Lakehill Prep (Dallas), 2007
22 — Kris Bryant, Bonanza (Las Vegas), 2010
22 — Aaron Cornell, Roff (Okla.), 2010
22 — Kevin Cron, Mountain Pointe (Phoenix), 2010

22 — Ben Moore, Cullman (Cullman, Ala.), 2011
22 — Matthew Goodson, Oxford (Ala.), 2011
22 — Javier Baez, Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville, Fla.), 2011
22 — Ben Moore, Cullman (Ala.), 2011
22 — Kyle Carter, Columbus (Ga.), 2011
21 — David King, Asher (Okla.), 1983
21 — Brad Wilson, Towns County (Hiawassee, Ga.), 1988
21 — David Laffoon, Odin (Ill.), 1990
21 — Josh Gregson, Dale (Okla.), 1992
21 — Dion Newby, Harrison County (Cynthiana, Ky.), 1992

21 — Brad Allison, Harrison County (Cynthiana, Ky.), 1992
21 — Mike Wilson, Central (Marlow, Okla.), 1994
21 — Mike Wilson, Central (Marlow, Okla.), 1996
21 — Robby Williams, Doss (Louisville, Ky.), 1997
21 — Tommy Pearce, Marion (Ind.), 1998
21 — Corey Hart, Greenwood (Bowling Green, Ky.), 1999
21 — Billy Austin, Salina (Okla.), 1999
21 — Jeff Clement, Marshalltown (Iowa), 1999
21 — Justin Bowen, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 2000
21 — Jeff Clement, Marshalltown (Iowa), 2000

21 — Joe Hooft, Galena (Reno, Nev.), 2001
21 — Justin Colbert, Allen (Okla.), 2001
21 — Bobby Glover, Caney (Okla.), 2001
21 — Chris Walston, El Capitan (Lakeside, Calif.), 2002
21 — Steven Lerud, Galena (Reno, Nev.), 2003
21 — Will Gaff, Streator (Ill.), 2005
21 — Brendan McCurry, Tupelo (Okla.), 2008
21 — Matt Hobgood, Norco (Calif.), 2009
21 — Randal Grichuk, Lamar Consolidated (Rosenberg, Texas), 2009
21 — Lance Jarreld, Goodpasture Christian (Madison, Tenn.), 2010

21 — Casey Kicklighter, Wayne County (Jesup, Ga.), 2010
21 — Aaron Chalk, Caney (Okla.), 2010
21 — Ajay Snow, Leroy (Ala.), 2011
21 — Joey Curletta, Mountain Pointe (Phoenix), 2011
21 — Joey Gallo, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas), 2012
20 — Tracy Holt, Asher (Okla.), 1979
20 — Bo Jackson, McAdory (McCalla, Ala.), 1982
20 — Will Edwards, Unicoi County (Erwin, Tenn.), 1985
20 — Butch Harris, Broken Bow (Okla.), 1986
20 — Clifton McKenzie, Depew (Okla.), 1986

20 — Paul Brannon, Kings Mountain (N.C.), 1989
20 — Rod Walker, Morristown-Hamblen West (Morristown, Tenn.), 1989
20 — Heath Graham, Stringer (Miss.), 1993
20 — Russ Gload, East Hampton (N.Y.), 1994
20 — Ben Fjelland, North Polk (Alleman, Iowa), 1996
20 — Andy Baxter, Unicoi County (Erwin, Tenn.), 1997
20 — Jonathan Johnson, Unicoi County (Erwin, Tenn.), 1998
20 — Chris Martinez, Chaminade (West Hills, Calif.), 1998
20 — Kevin Bills, Reno (Nev.), 1998
20 — Brant Huff, Oktaha (Okla.), 1998
20 — Travis Loudermilk, Coalgate (Okla.), 1998

20 — Allen Clay, Rattan (Okla.), 1998
20 — Albert Concepcion, El Segundo (Calif.), 1999
20 — Russ Reyes, Assumption (Davenport, Iowa), 1999
20 — Justin Bowen, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 1999
20 — Kyle Wingfield, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 1999
20 — Jim Duffy, Airport (Carleton, Mich.), 2000
20 — Kyle Wingfield, Rock Creek (Bokchito, Okla.), 2000
20 — Jake Goodwin, Parkers Chapel (El Dorado, Ark.), 2001
20 — Timmy Sullivan, Leedey (Okla.), 2002
20 — Chance Douglass, Randall (Amarillo, Texas), 2002

20 — Reece Creswell, Perryton (Texas), 2004
20 — Ryan Pease, Hydro-Eakly (Hydro, Okla.), 2005
20 — Jake Smith, Hueytown (Hueytown, Ala.), 2005
20 — Jake Smith, Hueytown (Ala.), 2006
20 — Kyle Burke, Ooltewah (Tenn.), 2006
20 — David Kindred, American Christian Academy (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), 2006
20 — Derek Trent, Dobyns-Bennett (Kingsport, Tenn.), 2007
20 — Nathan Ramier, Western Dubuque (Epworth, Iowa), 2007
20 — Luke Bole, Hartselle (Ala.), 2009
20 — Brendan McCurry, Roff (Okla.), 2009

20 — Trevor Begley, Tushka (Atoka, Okla.), 2009
20 — Blake Logan, Roff (Okla.), 2009
20 — Dayne Parker, Roff (Okla.), 2010
20 — Kyle Gibson, Henderson County (Henderson, Ky.), 2010
20 — Matt Beaty, Dresden (Tenn.), 2010
20 — Hunter Renfroe, Copiah Academy (Gallman, Miss.), 2010
20 — Brad Warren, Donelson Christian Academy (Nashville, Tenn.), 2010
20 — Nick Masonia, Brooks (Killen, Ala.), 2011
20 — Evan Anderson, Dale (Okla.), 2011
20 — Gavin Lavalley, Carl Albert (Midwest City, Okla.), 2013

20 — Jacob Harrison, Grace Christian (Alexandria, La.), 2014
20 — Cody Muncy, Red Oak (Okla.), 2017

California high school football player collapses on sideline, later dies - HIGHSCORE
California high school football player collapses on sideline, later dies
The night high school football largely returned to California was met with tragic news near the state Capitol on Friday.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Kennedy (Sacramento) senior lineman Emmanuel Antwi collapsed on the sideline in the fourth quarter of the team's season opener at home with Hiram Johnson. He later died.

The game was stopped in the fourth quarter and did not resume after Antwi received medical attention, including 10 minutes of CPR, before being taken to a local hospital, according to media reports.

A Sacramento City Unified School District press release on Saturday read: "Today we learned that Emmanuel Antwi, a John F. Kennedy senior athlete, died after a medical emergency during Friday night's football game. We do not have many details to share beyond this. Our hearts go out to Emmanuel's family and our school community during this difficult time. We ask all to give them privacy and time for healing and comfort as they grieve."

A page was set up to help with Antwi's funeral costs. Along with request came this from the organizer: "After waiting months due to COVID-19, the first football game of the season was finally here! He just told his football coach that he finally got his driver's license. He was so excited. Emmanuel "Manny" was loved by so many and he was a great young man and he definitely was too young to pass away."

The high school football season resumed March 12 in some parts of the state, a year after sports were put on pause throughout the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. Friday, however, was the opening date for the majority of the football teams in California, including Kennedy.

Citing a National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) annual study, the Bee reported there have been 34 football-related deaths the last 10 years among middle and high school-age kids. None were reported during the 2020 fall season, which football was played by 35 states.

Baye Fall named 2020-21 HIGHSCORE Colorado High School Basketball Player of the Year - HIGHSCORE
Baye Fall named 2020-21 MaxPreps Colorado High School Basketball Player of the Year
Each year since 2006, MaxPreps has recognized outstanding performers in high school basketball. America's source for high school sports continues the tradition to close out the 2020-21 season by naming the top player in each state. Selections are based on team success and individual excellence, in addition to local and state accolades.

Baye Fall of Lutheran (Parker) is the 2020-21 MaxPreps Colorado High School Basketball Player of the Year. The 6-foot-11, 205-pound sophomore helped the Lions go 16-1 en route to the program's fourth state championship.

Fall averaged 22.1 points, 10.0 rebounds and 3.2 blocked shots per game while shooting over 65 percent from the field.

In Lutheran's 72-56 Class 3A state championship game victory over St. Mary's, Fall showed off his incredible defensive versatility by locking down 6-0 point guard Sam Howery. He held the player of the year candidate to 8 of 27 shooting from the field and recorded six blocked shots in the dominant defensive showing.

Regarded as the No. 9 prospect in the Class of 2023, Fall has received offers from Arizona, Georgetown, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Memphis and Minnesota.

Each state's MaxPreps Player of the Year will be considered for inclusion in the MaxPreps All-America Team, which is scheduled to be released April 13.
Baye Falls throws down a dunk in Colorado's Class 3A state championship game.
Photo by Brent Murphy
Baye Falls throws down a dunk in Colorado's Class 3A state championship game.
High School baseball: St. Mary Prep moves to No. 2 in HIGHSCORE Top 25 as losses shuffle rankings - HIGHSCORE
High School baseball: St. Mary Prep moves to No. 2 in MaxPreps Top 25 as losses shuffle rankings
Multiple losses by Top 10 teams and continued undefeated play by St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, Mich.) and Friendswood (Texas) resulted in a huge shakeup in this week's MaxPreps Top 25 high school baseball rankings.

Previous No. 2 Jesuit (Tampa, Fla.), No. 3 Madison Central (Madison, Miss.), and No. 4 Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Fla.) all lost last week with No. 5 IMG Academy getting the win over Jesuit. No. 6 Barbe also won while previous No. 10 Calvary Christian Academy lost and was dropped from the rankings.

Meanwhile, St. Mary Prep continued to rack up impressive win after impressive win, extending its win streak to 39 and season mark to 19-0. Friendswood also won a pair of games to move to  23-0. Since IMG Academy has ended its season, St. Mary Prep and Friendswood jump ahead of IMG Academy and Barbe. IMG Academy can still move up with losses by Buford, St. Mary Prep and Friendswood.

Six new teams enter the rankings this week. They include Utah's best Pleasant Grove, Columbus North, the top team in Indiana and Rocky Mountain, the top team in Idaho. Parkview Baptist has the best overall record in Louisiana, and Buchanan, the top team in Central California. Roff, a small school in Oklahoma, joins at No. 25. While Roff comes in No. 2 in the MaxPreps computer state rankings, it actually has a win over the No. 1 team, Deer Creek (Edmond).

Dropped out: Calvary Christian Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), Seymour (Tenn.), Fort Zumwalt West (O'Fallon, Mo.), Hewitt-Trussville (Trussville, Ala.), Trinity (Louisville, Ky.), Vero Beach (Vero Beach, Fla.).

Game of the Week: IMG Academy 4, Jesuit 2. In a game that could determine the top team in Florida, IMG Academy edged Jesuit thanks to three RBI by Drake Varnado. IMG Academy does not play in the postseason while Jesuit begins postseason play this week in defense of its state championship from 2019.

Player of the Week: Ike Irish, St. Mary Prep. Irish hit three home runs last week to help the Eaglets move up to the No. 2 spot in the rankings.

Recruit Watch: Cooper Kinney, Baylor. One of the top infielder prospects in the nation, Kinney had a big week for the Red Raiders with four doubles and three home runs.

Game to Watch: Baylor vs. Farragut. The Red Raiders and Admirals battle for the top spot in Tennessee this weekend. The two teams play in different divisions in the state playoffs and won't be able to determine state supremacy in the postseason. Baylor is coming off a disappointing loss to Parkview (Lilburn, Ga.), but stays in the rankings due to its matchup with No. 8 Farragut and what a possible win over the Admirals might mean with regards to the rankings.

Streaks: St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, Mich.) moved past Webster (Wis.) for the longest active win streak in the nation at 39. The Eaglets won 20 in a row to finish the 2019 season, did not play in 2020, and have won 19 in a row to start the 2021 season. Webster has a 37-game active win streak.
Buchanan climbs into this week's MaxPreps Top 25 rankings.
Photo by Bobby Medellin
Buchanan climbs into this week's MaxPreps Top 25 rankings.
MaxPreps Top 25 high school baseball rankings

1. Buford (Ga.)
29-0 | Last week: 1
Results: Did not play
Next: Thur/Fri playoffs vs. Alexander

2. St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, Mich.)
19-0 | Last week: 7
Results: Def. De La Salle Collegiate, 7-1, 11-1; def. West Bloomfield, 8-5; def. Catholic Central, 9-3, 5-0.
Stats: Ike Irish hit a home run in both games against DLS with Coleson Titus hitting one out in the second game. Jake Dresselhouse had a double, a home run and four RBI against West Bloomfield. Irish also hit a home run against Catholic Central while John Essig had 14 strikeouts. Jasen Oliver and Nolan Schubart each hit a home run in the second game against Catholic while Thomas Allman struck out 15.
Next: Wed. vs. University of Detroit Jesuit.

3. Friendswood (Texas)
23-0 | Last week: 8
Results: Def. Sterling, 5-1; def. Santa Fe, 3-2.
Stats: Dylan Maxcey, Kevin Newkirk and Izaak Pacheco all doubled against Sterling.
Next: Tue. vs. Texas City.

4. IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)
23-2 | Last week: 5
Results: Def. Canterbury, 11-1; def. Jesuit, 4-2.
Stats: Mason Albright tossed a no-hitter with five strikeouts and James Wood hit a home run against Canterbury. Drake Varnado had a double and three RBI in the win over Jesuit.
Next: Season over.

5. Barbe (Lake Charles, La.)
32-2 | Last week: 6
Results: Def. New Iberia, 9-2, 11-1; def. Lafayette, 7-5.
Stats: Gavin Guidry struck out 17 in the first win over New Iberia.
Next: Postseason TBD

6. Jesuit (Tampa, Fla.)
23-2 | Last week: 2
Results: Lost to IMG Academy, 4-2; def. Champagnat Catholic, 4-0
Stats: Bradke Lohry and Nick Rodriguez each had a triple against Champagnat Catholic.
Next: Postseason TBD

7. Madison Central (Madison, Miss.)
25-1 | Last week: 3
Results: Lost to Brandon, 7-6; def. Brandon, 15-4
Stats: Hunter Hines went 3-for-4 with a double and three RBI. Ross Highfill and Creek Robertson each had five RBI with Highfill hitting two home runs and Robertson getting one.
Next: Postseason TBD

8. Farragut (Knoxville, Tenn.)
27-2 | Last week: 9
Results: Def. Lenoir City, 8-2; def. William Blount, 7-6; def. Greeneville, 10-2; def. Hardin Valley Academy, 7-5.
Stats: Tanner Kim went 3-for-4 against Lenoir City. Bryce Burkey was 4-for-4 against William Blount. Angus Pence had a grand slam and Garett Brewer homered against Greeneville. Pence and Lukas Buckner both homered against Hardin Valley.
Next: Wed. vs. Maryville; Thur. vs. Pigeon Forge; Fri. vs. Baylor.

9. Thousand Oaks (Calif.)
13-0 | Last week: 11
Results: Def. Agoura, 6-5, 17-1; def. Oaks Christian, 5-1.
Stats: Maxwell Muncy hit a home run in the first game, and had a home run and a double in the second game. Charlie Saum also had five base hits. Peyton Miller homered against Oaks Christian.
Next: Wed./Thur. Oaks Christian

10. Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Fla.)
21-2 | Last week: 4
Results: Def. Calvary Christian Academy, 9-3; lost to Westminster Christian, 5-4.
Stats: Cameron Harris went 2-for-4 with a double and three RBI against Calvary Christian Academy.
Next: Tues. vs. Coral Springs.

11. Hamilton (Chandler, Ariz.)
14-2 | Last week: 15
Results: Def. Casteel, 7-0; def. Horizon, 9-6; def. Perry, 8-2, 11-1.
Stats: Brock Selvidge struck out nine against Horizon. Gavin Turley had a double in all three wins. Ryan Kucherak, Logan Saloman and Turley all hit home runs against Perry.
Next: Tues. vs. Mountain Pointe; Thur. vs. Corona del Sol.

12. Lake Travis (Austin, Texas)
26-3-2 | Last week: 16
Results: Def. Akins, 22-0, 11-0.
Stats: Kyle Rader had a grand slam and six RBI in the first game. Pierce George and Kaeden Kent each hit one out in the second game.
Next: Tue./Fri. vs. Westlake.

13. Reagan (San Antonio)
27-3 | Last week: 17
Results: Def. Johnson, 3-2; def. Churchill, 9-8.
Stats: Cohen Feser struck out nine against Johnson.
Next: Fri. vs. Roosevelt; Sat. vs. Calallen.

14. Gregory-Portland (Portland, Texas)
27-2-1 | Last week: 20
Results: Def. King, 7-0; def. Victoria East, 6-1.
Stats: Easton Dowell had a home run against King. Malachi Lott struck out 11 and tripled against Victoria East.
Next: Fri. vs. Ray.

15. Lakeland Christian (Lakeland, Fla.)
23-1 | Last week: 22
Results: Def. IMG Academy White, 12-2; def. Lake Wales, 10-0.
Stats: Ty Evans, Carson Byrd, Reese Collins and Brody Donay all homered against IMG. Donay also hit one out against Lake Wales.
Next: Tue. vs. Windermere Prep.

16. Winter Park (Fla.)
22-1 | Last week: 23
Results: Def. Olympia 2-0; def. Freedom, 12-0.
Stats: Nick Berger struck out seven against Freedom.
Next: Postseason TBD.

17. Rancho Bernardo (San Diego)
15-1 | Last week: 14
Results: Lost to La Costa Canyon, 3-1; def. La Costa Canyon, 11-0.
Stats: Shunsuke Sakaino had two doubles among his five hits in the 11-0 win.
Next: Thur./Sat. vs. San Marcos.

18. Bryant (Ark.)
19-2 | Last week: 12
Results: Lost to Catholic, 5-2; def. North Little Rock, 3-1; def. Central, 11-2.
Stats: Noah Davis had a double and a home run against Central.
Next: Tue. vs. Little Rock Southwest; Thur. vs. Sheridan.

19. Baylor (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
18-3 | Last week: 13
Results: Def. Knoxville Catholic, 10-0, 12-2, 14-7, lost to Parkview, 9-5; def. McCallie, 10-0.
Stats: Daniel Corona and Cooper Kinney each had a double and a home run in the 10-0 win. Jay Dill struck out 14 and tossed a no-hitter. Kinney also had a double and a home run in the 12-2 win while Patrick Johnson fanned 12. Kinney, Carson Yates and Hunter Herndon all had two doubles in the 14-7 win. Kinney also homered in the loss to Parkview. Vito Valincius and Nick Kurtz hit home runs against McCallie.
Next: Tue./Wed. vs. McCallie, Fri. vs. Farragut.

20. Rocky Mountain (Meridian, Idaho)
19-1 | Last week: NR
Results: Def. Boise, 12-2.
Stats: Justin Douglas had a double and a home run in the win.
Next: Tue. vs. Timberline.

21. Pleasant Grove (Utah)
16-0 | Last week: NR
Results: Def. Westlake, 13-2, 20-5.
Stats: Sam Haynie and Brody Ballantye each hit home runs in the second game against Westlake.
Next: Tue. vs. Corner Canyon.

22. Columbus North (Columbus, Ind.)
15-0 | Last week: NR
Results: Def. Floyd Central 3-0, def. Roncalli, 9-1.
Stats: Austin Bode had a double and a triple against Roncalli.
Next: Tue. vs. Southport, Thur. vs. Seymour.

23. Parkview Baptist (Baton Rouge, La.)
28-0 | Last week: NR
Results: Def. Central Private, 13-2.
Stats: Caleb Stelly had a home run in the win.
Next: Postseason TBD

24. Buchanan (Clovis, Calif.)
11-1 | Last week: NR
Results: Def. Madera, 12-0.
Stats: Temo Becerra had a grand slam in the win for the Bears.
Next: Tue./Thur./Sat. vs. Clovis East.

25. Roff (Okla.)
27-0 | Last week: NR
Results: Def. Mill Creek, 12-0, 16-2; def. Noble, 13-1; def. Amber-Pocasset, 8-0.
Stats: Cade Baldridge and Trayson Miller both homered against Mill Creek in the 12-0 win while Tallen Bagwell and Dylan Reed both homered in the second game. Baldridge and MIller, along with Drew Sheppard, all homered against Noble. Miler, Reed and Will Joplin each hit home runs against Amber-Pocasset.
Next: Postseason TBD
High school basketball: HIGHSCORE National Player of the Year Chet Holmgren commits to Gonzaga - HIGHSCORE
High school basketball: MaxPreps National Player of the Year Chet Holmgren commits to Gonzaga
MaxPreps National Player of the Year Chet Holmgren of Minnehaha Academy (Minneapolis) announced Monday he will attend Gonzaga University next season, as the versatile 7-foot center looks to help get the Bulldogs over the hump to capture the program's first state championship.

"The process was hard," Holmgren said on ESPN. "I had a lot to learn on the go. I had to lean on others and get their advice. My dad went through it, and coach Larry Suggs with Jalen. I kept getting consistent advice that I will get a feeling when I know. Not to over-analyze everything because everything sounds good. Nobody sells their weakness."
It's been a busy past two weeks for Holmgren, who led the Redhawks to their fourth consecutive state championship on April 10, tallying 18 points, 13 rebounds, seven assists and two blocks as Minnehaha crushed Alexandria 80-29.

Holmgren earned MaxPreps Minnesota Player of the Year honors last week, while adding MaxPreps National Player of the Year honors later in the week along with Minnesota Mr. Basketball honors.

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The future Bulldog averaged 20.8 points, 12.6 rebounds, 4.7 blocks and 4.5 assists, connecting on 80 percent of his attempts from the field this season. Last season, Holmgren helped guide the Redhawks to their first MaxPreps Top 25 finish, while also being named a first team MaxPreps Junior All-American after averaging 14.6 points, 10 rebounds, 4.9 blocks and 2.4 assists.

The versatile 7-footer finished his prep career with 1,567 points, 964 rebounds and 456 blocked shots as Minnehaha Academy compiled a 128-15 record with four state titles.

Regarded as the top prospect in the Class of 2021 according to 247Sports, Holmgren chose Gonzaga over Georgetown, Memphis, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio State.
Chet Holmgren was part of four state championship teams at Minnehaha Academy going back to his eighth grade year.
Photo by Josh Johnson
Chet Holmgren was part of four state championship teams at Minnehaha Academy going back to his eighth grade year.